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How to find the best dentist in Trondheim:

When it comes to the dentistry department of Trondheim you should know some basic facts before you go looking for your dentist. Almost 90% of the dentists in Trondheim practice their profession as general physicians, they work both private and government sectors. The other 10% have advance specialization in the dentistry area. So, if you are looking for a specialist then you have very limited options.

Dentistry is a very profitable occupation when it comes to Trondheim, Norway. Since the free dental care from government ends as soon as you turn 18, the dentists earn quite a lot. So, you might want to think about getting medication insurance as well. Here are some tips and hack that will help you find the best dentist in Bergen Norway.


It’s mandatory to get authorization and a working license from the Doctorate of health. But there are always some black sheep who may try to scam you, make sure you look for the license when you go for a new dentist in Trondheim. Even if you are going with a solid reference. Most for the time the license is framed and hanging on the wall so they are hard to miss.


If you have no idea about any dentist in Trondheim, your best bet would be to ask around. You will need to ask around, friends and family are the best people to turn to. They will have an honest opinion and results to show if they know a dentist in Trondheim. People will first-hand experience are the best people to take the reference as well as advice from. Advice isn’t the only thing you should ask, ask as many questions as you need, this enables you to understand what kind of a doctor you would be referred to. For example, like them, when was the last time they saw the doctor? What kind of personality does he have? How long have they been seeing this particular doctor? Other than asking about the dentist also ask them about the cleanliness of the place, the staff treatment as ell as the payment mode and expenses per visit.


Credentials are the next thing you should worry about once you have noted down two or three dentists on your list. These credentials should include the doctor’s specializations, diplomas, dental organization’s memberships and such.


When it comes to health do not think about the expenses. Look beyond cost. If the other person got it done cheap doesn’t mean you will have it the same way. Every treatment is different, which means variation in cost. The better the environment the expensive it will be. Good care comes with a price. Never go for the cheap stuff when it comes to health, always go for the best.

Local Dentists:

Though it’s been seen that you get the best care from chain dentist and you find them pretty easy, a local dentist way convenient, as well as they, pay more attention. You will need to dig a little but it is worth it in the end. The local dentist gives you more time, the go out of the way to accommodate you and they are under no pressure to see the designated number of patients each day, which mean you will get more out of your local dentist than the chain ones. there will be no huge crowds as well so there will be no long lines, so you wouldn’t have to wait a lot.


Since it’s the age of electronics and social media, every dentist or professional person has either a Facebook page or a website. Make sure you search and visit them to get a better picture of their office and practice. We asked 45 of our collegues in Trondheim, and almost everyone recommended the dental clinic Tannlege Trondheim, backed up by the hundreds of 5-star ratings they have.


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