Why is sterilized dentist equipment important?

It is often said that the most crucial factor that should be kept in mind while the selection of dentist is the sterilization of his tools. For any good dental practice, the sterilization procedures are crucial. It is fundamentally important to sterilize all the dental equipment before use so that any potential harm can be prevented. Any negligence in this regard can cause severe infections and lead to dangerous consequences. You might have heard that prevention is better than cure. In the case of dental treatments, prevention is the best thing a practitioner can do to avoid severe outcomes.

Simply stated, it is vital to use the sterilized dental tools for ensuring health and safety of the patients.  For quality dental care like they perform in Tannlege i Bergen, it is necessary that the dentist use standard sterilization procedure for keeping all the tools clean.

It is a matter of common understanding that mouth is a breeding place for several germs and microbe. When you visit a dental office where several patients come each day, remember that the probability of being infected is very high because of contaminated surfaced and instruments. If the tools are not properly sanitized, the germs may spread among all those who come to see the dentist.

In order to minimize infectious diseases, every dental office should follow the proper infection control guidelines introduced by the Center for Disease Control.

Along with the tools used by the practitioner, the room where you get treatment should also be clean. Besides, all such instruments that go inside your mouth must go through a high-degree process of sterilization. For instance, autoclaving can be really useful for avoiding contamination that can be caused by microbes.

dentist probe dental equipment

If the dental equipment is not sterilized, several pathogens and saliva can easily get transferred from one patient to the other. Hence, patients must ensure that the tools a dentist is using to treat you are sterilized.

Here are a few effective methods using which the dentist can keep their apparatus sterilized.

Chemicals and Steam

In this procedure, a mix of water and chemicals along with non-saturated steam is added at high temperature, and the cleaning cycle completes in about half an hour. The corrosion sensitive instruments should be sterilized this way.


These are the iodine-based chemical solutions which possess amazing germicidal properties, and hence these are effective for keeping the dental equipment germ-free. Using iodophors, staining effects can be reduced. In this method, all the apparatus are soaked in the solution for about 20 minutes, and you get completely sterilized tools.

Saturated Steam

Here is a commonly used method by the dentists for the decontamination of all their tools and apparatus that are used in different treatments.  A majority of dental instruments’ manufacturers often suggest the use of saturated steam for killing all the germs and making the apparatus safe to use.

Final Verdict

For ensuring the safety of the patients, sterilization of dental equipment is crucial. You might have an idea that the saliva and blood both contain several bacteria and they can spread from one individual to the other. As a result, some dangerous diseases like herpes, tuberculosis, hepatitis, strep, and staph can also be caused.  Therefore, for avoiding any serious complications and fetal conditions, sterilization is most important.  To put the long story short, proper sanitization and sterilization of tools and equipment used by the dentists are essential to avoid harmful diseases along with dental infections.

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